Pressure Washing – House Wash

House washing is a very affordable way to increase both your homes curb appeal and its value.  Routinely maintaining the exterior of your home will keep it looking its best and preventing damage.

There are three common problems with house washing.  These problems can still be present after properly pressure washing a home.

  • Oxidation: When metal is exposed to rain and humidity, it slowly deteriorates and causes oxidation.  As oxidation occurs, the metal starts to stain a grayish film, which during the hotter months of the year bakes on.  A prime example of this is usually found on gutters.
  • Shotgun and Artillery Fungus: These are also known as the “tiny black specks”.
  • Runoff: When power washing or pressure washing a home, a small amount of water will get behind the siding.  Hours after washing, the water will start to make its way onto the exterior surface of the siding.