Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Cedar Shake and Cedar Shingle roofs have been installed for hundreds of years.  They have proven their longevity in all weather conditions and in all different climates.  They are a natural resource and the beauty is unmatched.  The oils that are naturally found in cedar, helps make them naturally decay resistant.  Maintenance plays a large role in the longevity of a roof.

Dampness is the number one contributor to premature failure of a cedar shake or cedar shingle roof.  The presence of leaves, debris, algae and moss are all harmful to a roof.  The presence of these items prevent the roof from breathing properly, therefore keeping the roof damp for longer periods of time.  This will in turn, cause damage to the shakes and shingles.

The following are recommendations for cedar shake roof homeowners:

  • Keep the keyways or the spaces between the shakes and shingles clear of debris.  This can be accomplished by the roof being blown off.
  • Low hanging branches should be kept trimmed and away from the roof.  This will prevent leaves from accumulating and will allow the sun to hit the roof – decreasing dry time.
  • Gutters and Downspouts should be cleaned regularly – In the Fall and Spring.
  • Proper internal ventilation and insulation will allow the proper temperature of the roof throughout the year.  To much heat loss during the winter months into the attic or areas of the roof; can cause melting of snow near the peak of the roof and ice formation on the edge of the roof – leading to ice damming.