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Proper Care and Maintenance of Outdoor Wood

Proper Care and Maintenance of Outdoor Wood

Wooden decks and fences are worthy investments.  They add a wonderful, natural aesthetic beauty to your home.  However, it takes proper care to maintain that beauty and keep the wood looking like new.

Think of the wooden boards that comprise your deck and fence as they once existed in the form of a tree.  When you peel the bark off of a tree, it has no way to protect itself.  The impact of the elements on unprotected wood causes immediate damage to it.  For example, rain, melting snow, and morning dew are all absorbed by unprotected wood, which cases it to swell.  Then, the wood begins to shrink back again when the sun’s heat causes it to start drying.  This constant cycle of swelling and shrinking causes wood to warp, split, cup, and crack.  All of these shorten the lifespan of the wood and lead to costly repairs and replacement.

There is a way to make your wood look like new again, and even double its life, by having it cleaned and then sealed or stained.  We believe you should choose Bright Services for your wooden fence and deck needs not only because of our highly trained technicians and environmentally safe processes, but because we stand behind our work.

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