Cedar Roof Preservation

Cedar shakes and shingles, like any roofing material, suffers from the harmful effects of the environment it is exposed to. The life of cedar depends greatly on the care and maintenance it receives over time. Proper maintenance of cedar roofs can prolong the life of the roof and maintain its natural beauty.

Cedar roofing has been a roofing material used for centuries. Cedar shakes and cedar shingles provide a warmth and elegance that cannot be achieved with another roofing material. It provides great curb appeal while at the same time offering great protection.

Proper maintenance of cedar shake and shingle roofs is routine cleaning and routine sealing.  If the roof is located in a highly wooded and shaded area, an annual inspection and blowing off of the roof should be completed at a minimum.  In addition to keeping the leaves and debris off the roof, a cedar roof should be routinely cleaned and sealed using an oil based wood preservative that allows the shakes to dry out.  Products on the market that cover up the wood and create a barrier between the wood and the stain will not allow the wood to breath and dry out.

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