Fence Preservation

A fence is both a decorative and functional element to your home’s exterior.  Fences are a large investment and one of the most visible parts of your property.  With proper care and maintenance, a wooden fence can last 30+ years. Our complete and full service restoration service can add years to the life of your fence and restore its original beauty.

If you have a newly installed fence, our process will help prevent your wood from weathering damage and prevent it from turning gray.

Wood fencing is vulnerable to a wide variety of damaging effects.

  • UV Damage caused by sun exposure
  • Moisture damage caused by rain, sleet and snow
  • Yard maintenance contaminants (fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Mildew, Algae and Spores caused by plants and shrubbery

rs_colorsWhy choose Ready Seal?

Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood is the best stain for protecting all your outdoor wood projects. Ready Seal wood stains are PROFESSIONAL GRADE wood stains, designed for professional results every time! By circumventing the problems often encountered by conventional wood stains and deck paint products, Ready Seal wood stains are able to offer fast, easy application without sacrificing durabilty or cosmetic appeal, making it the best stain on the market!

We offer the gold/honey, cedar tone, redwood and brown options.

  • Wood Stain and Wood Sealer in One!
  • No Cracking, Chipping, Flaking or Peeling! 

Bright Services can help you maintain and keep your fence looking its best.  Our fence cleaning and staining process will allow your investment to be protected and looking its best.

Hiring a professional fence maintenance company that specializes in exterior wood is an important decision.  Just power washing exterior wood is not a maintenance plan.  Proper maintenance includes the preservation of the wood using a commercial grade (not found in common retail stores) sealer and stain.  In addition, painting or using a latex or water based product on exterior wood will create a film on the wood and prevent it from breathing, causing premature warping and rotting.  For more information on Sealing and Staining, see our Education section of our website.

We service:

  • Bucks County Fence Cleaning and Sealing
  • Montgomery County Fence Cleaning and Sealing
  • Chester County Fence Cleaning and Sealing