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Bright Services is the tri-county and Philadelphia area premier roof cleaning company.  We have over 15 years of experience cleaning roofs and a guaranteed satisfaction mentality.  The mid-Atlantic region is highly prone to algae, mold, moss and fungus growth.  We service Bucks, Montgomery and Chester County.

We are the ORIGINAL ROOF CLEANING company that has been cleaning roofs for over 15 years and have always employed the common sense work practices.

We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results!

The History of Roof Cleaning:

  • Algae and Moss growth has been around since the existence of asphalt and fiberglass roofs.
  • Roofing contractors informed the public and homeowners that if algae is present on your roof, you must replace your roof.  Customers of roofing contractors were told that roof cleaning was not an option.
  • Common sense safe roof cleaning processes have been used by a select few contractors.  Low pressure/garden hose pressure cleaning.
  • Contractors started to realize the roof cleaning business is a service they could add on to their concrete cleaning and power washing business.
  • Surface Cleaners started to be used at high pressure on shingle roofs.
  • The introduction to the marketing phrase “Soft Washing” was introduced in order to create a process that was sell-able to contractors.  The process is the same as the original low pressure method of cleaning.
  • Today there are less surface cleaners being used however there are still a few contractors utilizing them for their roof cleaning service.

Asphalt and fiberglass roofs are prone to bacteria, algae, moss and lichen growth.  The bacteria growth is most prone in shaded areas of the roof or north facing sections where sunlight exposure is minimal.  The black streaks that you see on homes and businesses is a single celled organism called Gloeocapsa Magma.  The algae eats a limestone additive that is put into shingles by the manufacturer.  Algae is the number one reason for premature roof failure and can reduce the life expectancy of your shingles.algae_map

Our safe, low pressure methods of cleaning roofs, ensures your property is safe.  In addition, we take the proper necessary precautions in order to protect the rest of your property during the cleaning process.  We do this with the combination of our cleaning techniques and our safe work practices.

Roof Cleaning Facts:

  1. A commercial quality pressure washer and the proper attachments can be used for roof cleaning.
  2. A pressure washer is a tool to use a large amount of water at very low pressure.
  3. Pressure washing a roof is safe if it is completed by an experienced professional roof cleaning company.
  4. Many inexperienced power washing companies use high pressure.
  5. Soft Washing is a chemical pump just like a pressure washer.  The process of applying chemical is the same with soft washing as it is the pressure washing process.  Chemical is being applied to the surface of the roof in order to kill the algae at the roots.

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