Tips for Maintaining a Wood Deck

How to Maintain an Attractive and Beautiful Deck

Deck is the most valuable addition to your home that can easily expand the living space and maximize the property value. It offers an excellent place for entertaining your guests and relaxing yourself in the outdoor area. If you have a wood deck then you will need to maintain it properly for keeping its value, functionality and beauty intact. You should know the tips for maintaining a wood deck so that you can use the deck for a long span of time. Routine maintenance is extremely important and you also need to inspect the deck regularly. It will help you to identify the problems areas so that it can be repaired before the problem is aggravated. Regular maintenance of the deck will keep it safe and habitable for your entire family. It will also elevate the outdoor space of your home so that the deck will not look outdated or old.

Tips for maintaining a wood deck

1. Inspect the deck regularly

There are many reasons why your deck might look unappealing which are due to debris, sun exposure, precipitation and normal wear and tear. You need to inspect the deck regularly for finding out any signs of damages so that the deck does not deteriorate quickly. Inspection of the wood deck also helps you to determine whether the deck is structurally sound or not. With timely and proper maintenance, the deck will remain beautiful for many years without facing any kind of damages.

2. Remove debris from the deck

Deck boards tend to accumulate a lot of debris over time and you need to remove the debris with the use of putty knife. Annual deep cleaning of the deck is needed for removing the debris, dirt, mold and mildew from the deck surface. Keeping the deck clean becomes crucial when it is located under a tree or near any shrub. You need to look for leaves and other debris because these can lead to increased risks of rot, mold and mildew.

3. Seal the deck

After cleaning the wood deck thoroughly; you will need to apply penetrating sealer for protecting the deck from extreme weather conditions. Natural wood requires specific kind of sealers and you need to choose the right product for sealing the deck for an attractive outcome. Sealing the deck ensures that the wood does not shrink, dry or swell due to the different weather conditions. It also prevents the wood from getting discolored, cracked or warped due to exposure to the sun.

4. Stain the deck

If you wish to enhance the beauty and look of the natural wood, then you need to opt for a lightly stained finish. Always choose wood product that is water proof and water repellent so that it does not damage the surface. It should also offer protection to the wood deck from the ultra violet radiation so that you don’t have to worry about further damage to the deck. You need to stain the deck after every 2-3 years for keeping its color and beauty intact.

5. Overall maintenance of the deck

There are some other elements of the deck that needs careful inspection and maintenance. These include the deck railing, posts and beams that should be inspected so that any problems will be identified early. You need to address deck rail or loose post quickly for preventing expensive deck repairs in future. We recommend reaching out to professional decking contractors like these guys:

6. Carry on deck repairs

After inspection of the wood deck, if you find that there are some damages, then you need to address the problem immediately. You should look for rotted wood in the deck; it needs to be replaced quickly before it leads to serious problems. Even the rusted bolts and screws of the deck should be replaced as soon as you notice them. These problems might impact the structural integrity of the wood deck and you need to carefully inspect the deck for looking at these issues.

7. Painting your deck

After cleaning the deck, you have to wait for 48 hours before you can paint the wood deck. Always choose oil based paint for the task and avoid using water based latex paints for ensuring that the deck will get an updated look. You can either use a paint roller or a paint brush for painting the deck after which you need to wait for 24 hours for getting the desired look.